Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association

DCAT History

How It All Began...

1890 Press ReleaseOn Wednesday, June 18, 1890 a press release was published in the Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter (later known as Chemical Market Reporter) about the formation of a Drug Trade Section of the New York Board of Trade (a local chamber of commerce).

As a result, fifty inspired business leaders answered the call and united to form the Drug Trade Section of the New York Board of Trade (NYBT), laying the foundation for what would become the DCAT we know today. 

They had a vision – better business relations, improved conditions in the industry, advancement of the ideals in which they believed – a common meeting ground to work out their mutual problems, share knowledge and build relationships with industry colleagues.

The Drug Trade Section operated from its headquarters in New York City. In January of 1921, the name changed to include the growing chemical industry, making it the Drug and Chemical Section of the NYBT. The association expanded again in the early 1930s to include the allied trades – welcoming distributors, packagers and transportation companies, and becoming known as the Drug, Chemical & Allied Trades Section, still under the NYBT. This changed in 1961, when DCAT received its certificate of incorporation, allowing DCAT to function as a separate, independent membership association. The name changed once more in 2003 to what it is known as today – the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association.

DCAT has grown from its modest New York City beginnings into the premier business development association for the global pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, comprised of over 385 member companies.

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