Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association


DCAT History as Told by Our Members

Whether you’ve been involved with the DCAT organization for one year or 50 years, help us tell the history of the DCAT organization by sharing your memories.

Tell us about:

  • Your favorite story about a DCAT event or program.
  • Were you a volunteer on the board or on a committee? What did you learn from that experience?
  • Your first DCAT Week experience
  • Have you met someone at a DCAT event that made an impact on your career?
  • Tell us about the first time you met someone at the clock in the Waldorf?
  • How many DCAT Annual Dinners have your attended?
  • Who was your favorite DCAT Annual Dinner speaker and why?
  • After almost 25 DCAT Weeks in my career, I especially remember my first one(s). Walking into the Waldorf for the first time you begin to understand the magic of the marble, beautiful flowers gracing...
  • In 1977, DCAT became a part of my professional world. I was one of the few female sales people working in the industrial side of the pharmaceutical business. My boss, at the time, recognized the...